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Rebalancing your Study Schedule

How can I rebalance my schedule? What does rebalancing do?

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Blueprint's Med School Study Planner's rebalance feature reorganizes your schedule when you need to make changes.

There are two scenarios where this comes in handy:

Redistributing overdue tasks

When your schedule doesn't go according to plan, Blueprint's Med School Study Planner makes it easy for you to get back on track. If you have accumulated too many overdue tasks due to an unexpected change in your schedule, we recommend using the rebalance feature. Click the Rebalance button on the top left corner of your task view page. Here you can choose to redistribute your overdue tasks over the rest of your schedule. You also have the option to begin your rebalanced tasks today or have them start the following day. Note: if you rebalance your Study Schedule, this action cannot be undone!

Working ahead in your schedule

If you are working ahead in your schedule, you can rebalance to create an even distribution of tasks over the rest of your schedule. First, move tasks from future days to today's date. Check off these tasks as you complete them. Then, click the Rebalance button on your task view page.

Special Case: Overdue Tasks in an Expired Study Block

Clicking Rebalance will have no effect on overdue tasks from an expired study block, but you can still redistribute these tasks. To do this, go to the Edit Schedule page and change the end date of your old study block to some time in the future. Then use the Rebalance button to redistribute overdue tasks across your new schedule.

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