Selecting & Adjusting your Study Pace

How can I get the most accurate time estimates for my daily tasks?

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Why is the estimated time for my task too long or too short?

Blueprint's Med School Study Planner allocates a specific amount of study time for each of your tasks. You can see this allocated time in a light grey box on each task. The total amount of time all tasks in a day are expected to take is also listed at the top right corner of each day in the task view.

The amount of time allocated for each task is based on the pace that you set. For example, if you have a task to read 20 pages and you have set your pace at 10 pages/hour, Blueprint's Med School Study Planner will allocate 2 hours for that task.

How can I set my pace?

When first creating a study plan, on the Resource Selection page, or you can click on My Pace on the Edit Schedule page.

The default pace is based on student averages but you can choose based on your experience and type of resource. If Blueprint's Med School Study Planner's allocated time looks unrealistic and, you can to make changes to your Book, Lecture, Question Bank, and Flashcard pace to reflect that.

We find many students pause their videos to take notes and rewatch parts of their videos as they study. In addition, students sometimes watch videos at 1.5x speed. Choose a pace to reflect these study strategies, and Blueprint's Med School Study Planner's allocated time will give you a sense of how long each task should take.

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