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Scoring LawHub Exams in your Blueprint Account
Scoring LawHub Exams in your Blueprint Account

How can I get explanations for an exam I took in LSAC’s LawHub?

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As a Blueprint LSAT student, you have access to LSAC's LawHub, which gives you another way to take practice exams. Many students like using the LSAC interface on LawHub, then scoring the exam on their Blueprint account to get the full score report, analytics, and explanations. Practice tests on LawHub and in your Blueprint account have 3 scored sections plus an unscored section, though the unscored sections will not be identical. So you might be wondering: "How do I make sure I'm scoring my LawHub test correctly on my Blueprint account?" Luckily, we have you covered.

Step 1 — Take a PrepTest (PT) on LawHub

Make sure you only take one of PT 141, 146, 149-151, or 154-158. These are the practice exams that appear in your Blueprint account. If you take another PT, you won't be able to score it through Blueprint (although, since your Blueprint account has access to over 6000 LSAT questions, questions from those earlier PTs will appear in your homework and Qbank sets).

Once you complete your PT, LawHub will show you the right and wrong answers and allow you to review the text of the questions from the test. But, to get explanations and analytics, you’ll need to head on over to your Blueprint account.

Step 2 — Find the corresponding exam on Blueprint

Use the first and second columns in the table below to find which Blueprint exam corresponds to which LawHub PT. Go to the Exams page and select the corresponding exam for the test you just took on LawHub. But don’t enter your answers just yet! Read the rest of this guide first, or you might enter your answers in the wrong order.

Blueprint Practice Exam Title (2024 Version)

LawHub PrepTest Number (2024 Version)

Blueprint Section Exam Numbers

Practice Exam 1


(formerly PT73 + PT70S3 experimental)

PT73 - LR Section 1

PT73 - LR Section 2

PT73 - RC

PT70 - RC

Practice Exam 2


(formerly PT83 +PT72S3 experimental)

PT83 - LR Section 1

PT83 - LR Section 2

PT83 - RC

PT72 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 3


(formerly PT84 + PT81S1 experimental)

PT84 - LR Section 1

PT84 - LR Section 2

PT84 - RC

PT81 - RC

Practice Exam 4


(formerly PT78 + PT81S2 experimental)

PT78 - LR Section 1

PT78 - LR Section 2

PT78 - RC

PT81 - LR Section 1

Practice Exam 5


(formerly PT85 + PT81S3 experimental)

PT85 - LR Section 1

PT85 - LR Section 2

PT85 - RC

PT81 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 6


(formerly PT89 + PT82S1 experimental)

PT88 - LR Section 1

PT88 - LR Section 2

PT88 - RC

PT82 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 7


(formerly PT89 + PT92S1 experimental)

PT89 - LR Section 1

PT89 - LR Section 2

PT89 - RC

PT92 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 8


(formerly PT90 +PT91S2 experimental)

PT90 - LR Section 1

PT90 - LR Section 2

PT90 - RC

PT91 - LR Section 1

Practice Exam 9


(formerly PT93 + PT91S4 experimental)

PT93 - LR Section 1

PT93 - LR Section 2

PT93 - RC

PT91 - RC

Practice Exam 10


(formerly PT94 + PT92S3 experimental)

PT94 - LR Section 1

PT94 - LR Section 2

PT94 - RC

PT92 - RC

Step 3 — Click "Take Exam"

Do not click "Take in Sections" because you won't get a scaled score between 120-180 that way.

Step 4 — Click "Begin"

As mentioned above, the LSAT nowadays has only three scored sections, as do your Blueprint practice exams. The fourth, additional section in your Blueprint exams is not the same as the fourth section in your LawHub PT. Instead, it is an "experimental" section taken from a different PT that is unscored and used to replicate current test-day conditions, and the experimental section can be of any type.

Step 5 — Make sure you are scoring the right sections in the right place

The scored sections of your Blueprint exam are the same as those in your LawHub PT, but the sections appear in a different order. Use the table above to make sure you’re scoring your exam accurately. Enter your answers for the correct sections in the order listed in the final column of the table above. It doesn’t matter what timing option you pick, since it will only take you 2-3 minutes to input your answers for each section.

Step 6 — Select answers one at a time

Take the responses you selected from your LawHub score report and enter those answers for each question in your Blueprint exam. There isn't a Scantron-type answer sheet to fill in, so it will look like you are taking the exam normally. Except, you know, much more quickly... since you've already done the test on LawHub. After you've scored all the questions for each section, click "Complete Section".

Step 7 — Congratulations, your test is now scored!

After you have entered your answers for all sections, clicking "Complete Section" will finalize your exam and generate your score, question explanations, personalized analytics, and data on question difficulty. Now you will be able to take a deep dive into your practice exam with the review materials you can only find in your Blueprint account.

If you've already taken a test on LawHub, head on over to the Exams page now to access our review features!

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