Studying for Multiple Exams

How can I create a study schedule for multiple exams?

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With Blueprint's Med School Study Planner, you can create a study plan that prepares you for your course exams, multiple standardized exams, or both!

Multiple Standardized Exams

To study for multiple standardized exams, create a study plan for one exam, and then go to the Edit Schedule page. Click the Create a New Study Plan button on the top right of the Study Plan Settings section.

Follow the steps for creating a study plan. You can see an overview of each of your study plans on the Edit Schedule page.

You may create study plans for different exams that overlap. For example, you might create a long-term Step 2 study plan, and then multiple, mini study plans for each Shelf exam. For another example, you might create a Step 1 study plan and a COMLEX study plan that run in parallel (you might make your COMLEX study plan one week longer to give you time to cover OMM preparation).

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