Adding Supported Resources

How can I add books, lectures, flashcards, and question banks to my study plan?

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Searching for Resources

To add resources to your Study Plan, click on Study Resources from your Edit Schedule page.

From there, use the Search bar to find the resource you want to add to your study plan.

Adding Partial Resources

Note that when adding a lecture, book, or video, you can choose a subset or all of the chapters/videos that resource contains. Use the checkboxes to select or deselect which resources you want to add to your study plan.

Adding Question Banks

Blueprint's Med School Study Planner allows you to add question banks to your schedule. Start by finding the question bank you'd like to add on the Resources page. You can then choose to input either a Total number of questions or a Daily number of questions. Input a total number if you know how many questions you would like to get through by the end of your study block. If you plan on doing a certain number of questions each day, choose a daily number instead.

Once you've made your selections, click Save & Rebalance to add the new resources to your study plan.

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