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How to Best Use your MCAT Qbank as a Course Student
How to Best Use your MCAT Qbank as a Course Student
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Whether you're a student in a live class or in our online asynchronous course, you've got a number of prebuilt practice sets in your study plan. You'll get even more practice from the AAMC assignments, which you should make sure to complete, and even more can, and should, come from the book End of Chapter questions (access instructions for those can be found here).

Still - you'll need more and more targeted practice, both early on and especially as your MCAT approaches and you're trying to target specific weaknesses! The Qbank is one of the best ways to add additional targeted practice in: within the Qbank you have topic filtering to allow you to focus on specific content, and you also have the option of a variety of practice set lengths. So, we've assembled these tips on the best ways to make use of your Qbank at different points in your prep.

  • Add intermittent additional CARS practice to your study plan. While your study plan does have some intermittent CARS quizzes - if you're hoping to raise your CARS score, you should add additional practice sets in at a regular cadence. We recommend adding ~2 passages/week, in 2 separate practice sets, which you can add using the + button. There are two ways to construct a practice set, you can either pre-create the practice sets in the Qbank and then add with + in your study calendar. Or you can create the as you go straight into your study calendar. We recommend adding these for about 2-3 weeks to assess where you're currently at and start getting in that regular CARS practice. At the end of your first few weeks of CARS practice, re-evaluate, and determine if 2 passages/week is sufficient or if you'll need to add more like 3-4 per week. You can continue to adjust your cadence of CARS practice as time goes on, but you'll want to get started adding these as early as possible.

  • Use the Qbank for additional topic practice - but space things out! Students often have a desire to get in a ton of practice on a content area they're struggling in - to such a degree that we sometimes see students exhausting some topics very early in their prep! This kind of rush through content doesn't tend to yield great results - taking time between practice and review, and between initial module learning and quizzing, will lead to better results. We'd recommend the following flow: module and/or book, then end of chapter quizzes ~1 week later for that same content. If you're still struggling on the content based on that quiz, refer back to the module or book (whichever you used less heavily the first time around - change it up) and review again. If you're still not sure if you've got it - go ahead and make a Qbank quiz on that topic. Otherwise, wait to quiz yourself on the content until after you take a Full Length - see if you actually need to dive deeper with that content area.

  • Keep topic targeted practice short. Better to be able to quiz yourself in a few different sittings after having reviewed each time - exhausting all questions on a topic in one sitting may feel productive (like you can check the box off, etc), but if you're actually struggling with that content, you may have just used up the targeted practice that you want to have further down the line after you've reviewed again! So, keep those quizzes tiny - one passage, or 2-3 questions - in order to make best use of the topic specific practice.

  • Use the Qbank for short bursts of test like practice. It can be tempting to view the Qbank as a topic specific practice resource alone, but it can do so much more than that! Create longer sets that are filtered to section-level content, rather than specific topics, to make shorter rounds of test like practice you can use to hone your strategy and critical thinking skills in between Full Lengths. This will be particularly useful later in your prep, as you're approaching the real MCAT. Make sure to complete this practice in a test like setting for best results!

There are many ways you can add and personalize Qbank Practice Sets to improve your prep - so keep revisiting how you're using the Qbank over time! Ultimately, this is one of the many tools you have at your disposal, and it's one that's particularly useful for further customizing your study plan. Lean in and make use of the + button to add the quizzes you need to your study plan to set yourself up for success.

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