Adjusting an Overloaded Schedule

What can I do if I'm falling behind? What if my schedule assigns too many tasks?

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Blueprint's Med School Study Planner allocates too little (or too much) time for me to complete my tasks. How do I fix my schedule?

Start by rebalancing your schedule by clicking Rebalance on your Tasks page. After you rebalance your schedule, you will see recalculated study times. If your schedule is still overloaded, consider removing resources from your study plan or extending the length of your study plan using the Edit Schedule section.

Too Many Tasks

If you create a study plan and find that you have way too many tasks scheduled each day, remember that Blueprint's Med School Study Planner will schedule all of the resources that you select. Blueprint's Med School Study Planner ensures that there are enough tasks to complete your selected resources by your study plan's end dates.

The solution is simple: either (1) schedule fewer resources or, if you have flexibility with your exam date, (2) spend more days studying.

To choose the first option, remove a resource from your schedule or deselect a few videos or chapters using the Study Resource page in the Edit Schedule section.

To choose the second option, change your study plan dates using the Study Plan Dates page in the Edit Schedule section.

Being too ambitious with the amount of material that you can cover is one of the top mistakes that students make. It's better to successfully cover an entire book than fail to get through three separate books. So be conservative with the number of resources you select. If you find yourself ahead of the game, you can always add more resources in the future. Blueprint's Med School Study Planner makes this easy with our rebalance feature.

Too Much Reading

You may notice that your schedule has one disproportionate day, especially if you have a study block that includes both First Aid and Pathoma. This is because Blueprint's Med School Study Planner includes a feature that syncs the subjects of readings and lectures. Sometimes, one resource devotes less time, or no time, to one subject, and your schedule will have one heavy day of reading. To fix this problem, choose of the following solutions.

1. Move these tasks to another day. Spread these tasks out manually by dragging and dropping. You may choose to move some to a catch-up day.

2. Allow tasks to become overdue. Then, Rebalance. Do as many tasks as you can, and then wait until the next day. Your newly overdue tasks can be redistributed evenly by clicking Rebalance on the task view page.


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