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Why and how Blueprint Practice Exams differ from their LawHub counterparts
Why and how Blueprint Practice Exams differ from their LawHub counterparts

Which section is the unscored, experimental section? Which section corresponds to each exam in LawHub?

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If you've been taking and reviewing Practice Exams in your Blueprint account, then you know that you can see full identifying item information when you're reviewing our tests or quizzes (the month/year, section, etc.).

If you've cross-referenced these items in LawHub, you may be wondering how the Blueprint exams line up.

For instance, our Practice Exam 2 uses the scored sections from PrepTest 83 (PT83) from December 2017 and has 3 scored sections (2 LR, 1 RC), just like you'll see on test day. However, the experimental section is not from PT83, but is instead taken from another, real LSAT exam. As this is an experimental section, it can be of either type (either LR or RC), and we don't score it. In this case, the experimental section is from PT72 (June 2014). We use different exams for these experimental sections and place them at different points in our exams to give you the most test-like experience possible.

The LSAC's LawHub now has two versions of PT83. The older version is formatted as it was when it was originally administered and is titled 'The Official LSAT PrepTest 83' in the LawHub Advantage account. As such, it includes a includes Logic Games section. LawHub also offers an updated version of this exam titled 'The Official LSAT PrepTest 149' that does not include Logic Games. You can switch between the different formats in your LawHub account near the top of the 'LSAT Test Prep' page.

If you were to compare our tests to the exams in LawHub, you'll note that our exams follow the format of the updated LawHub exams (the exams that don't include Logic Games). Below is a table that includes information about each section used for Blueprint's exams and the corresponding exam from LawHub.

Blueprint Practice Exam Title (2024 Version)

LawHub PrepTest Number (2024 Version)

Blueprint Section Exam Numbers

Practice Exam 1


(formerly PT73 + PT70S3 experimental)

PT73 - LR Section 1

PT73 - LR Section 2

PT73 - RC

PT70 - RC

Practice Exam 2


(formerly PT83 +PT72S3 experimental)

PT83 - LR Section 1

PT83 - LR Section 2

PT83 - RC

PT72 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 3


(formerly PT84 + PT81S1 experimental)

PT84 - LR Section 1

PT84 - LR Section 2

PT84 - RC

PT81 - RC

Practice Exam 4


(formerly PT78 + PT81S2 experimental)

PT78 - LR Section 1

PT78 - LR Section 2

PT78 - RC

PT81 - LR Section 1

Practice Exam 5


(formerly PT85 + PT81S3 experimental)

PT85 - LR Section 1

PT85 - LR Section 2

PT85 - RC

PT81 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 6


(formerly PT89 + PT82S1 experimental)

PT88 - LR Section 1

PT88 - LR Section 2

PT88 - RC

PT82 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 7


(formerly PT89 + PT92S1 experimental)

PT89 - LR Section 1

PT89 - LR Section 2

PT89 - RC

PT92 - LR Section 2

Practice Exam 8


(formerly PT90 +PT91S2 experimental)

PT90 - LR Section 1

PT90 - LR Section 2

PT90 - RC

PT91 - LR Section 1

Practice Exam 9


(formerly PT93 + PT91S4 experimental)

PT93 - LR Section 1

PT93 - LR Section 2

PT93 - RC

PT91 - RC

Practice Exam 10


(formerly PT94 + PT92S3 experimental)

PT94 - LR Section 1

PT94 - LR Section 2

PT94 - RC

PT92 - RC

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