Cram Fighter allows you to add practice tests (practice exams) to your study schedule. As you complete practice tests, you can record your scores and track your progress over time.

Adding Practice Tests to your Study Plan

You can add practice tests to a study plan using the Practice Tests section found on the Edit Schedule page.

To add a practice test select Add a Practice Test. Input a test name and select the date you want to take your practice test.

Use the Settings section on the practice test page to choose whether or not to see other tasks on the same day as your scheduled practice tests.

By default, your plan will be set to "Do not schedule tasks from any plan." For any plan with this setting, Cram Fighter will prevent any other tasks from being scheduled on the same day as a practice test.

If you do not want tasks from your selected study plan on the same day as the practice test, but do want to continue to see tasks on that day from other study plans, choose "Do not schedule tasks from this olan."

If you would like tasks to be scheduled as normal on a day with a practice test, select "Allow tasks to be scheduled on the same day."

Tracking Practice Test Completion

Once a practice test is added to a study plan, it will appear on your study schedule as a task. To mark the practice test as complete, click on the gray checkmark. It will turn blue to indicate that the practice test is complete. At that time, you will be able to add the score you achieved on the practice test to the task box. You can add or edit the score at any time.

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