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Blueprint LSAT Discord

How to join our LSAT Discord, Troubleshooting

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What is Discord?

Discord is a leading platform where online communities thrive. For further insight, please refer to this beginner's guide or check out this brief video explaining the workings of Discord.

How can I join the Blueprint LSAT Discord server?

  1. Download the Discord app onto your computer

  2. Next, go to your student portal, where you will find a unique, one-use-only join link. Please ensure that you complete the entire setup process in one sitting. Click this link to join the server directly.

How Can You Utilize the Blueprint LSAT Discord?

Our Discord server is your comprehensive hub for community engagement, problem-solving, and expert advice. Upon joining, you'll see a variety of channels listed on the left, each pertaining to a specific topic. Select the one that corresponds to your query. Expect responses from fellow community members as well as moderators, who are identifiable by their Blueprint avatars. If you're in need of a little extra motivation, check out our study rooms where you can study alongside others.

Encountered Any Issues?

Sometimes a join error happens when your age on Discord cannot be verified. Follow the steps in this short video and it will get fixed right away for you. After Discord responds and confirms they updated your account, you can try joining the server again and it will let you in.

In case you encounter an error that this doesn't solve, please reach out to us via email at for assistance. We will be able to generate a new link for access.

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