For each set of Homework problems, you can choose whether you'd like to complete a Small, Medium, or Large set of questions.

We encourage you to pick your set size according to the amount of time you have and how much practice you feel you need. When starting off, we recommend budgeting about 5 minutes per Logical Reasoning question, and about 20 minutes per Reading Comprehension passage or Logic Game (this estimate includes review time). Once you select the set size, the set is finalized and cannot be redone. 

Just remember that the homework will adapt to your performance as you work through it, so you will be challenged at the level you need for that question type! 

You should take as long as you need to really focus on the material, and be sure to take breaks along the way. Don't pressure yourself to move too quickly (especially in the beginning of your studies). And, as you go through the work, be sure to review anything that you miss or guess on!

Also, you do not have to complete a homework set in one sitting, as you can always exit the set and return to it later on.

Depending on the available time you have, you may want to select a larger homework set to get started, then come back and finish later. To exit a homework set, click the back arrow located in the upper left corner of the toolbar.

This will pause the homework. Click Quit to exit the homework set.

When you exit a homework set, the timer will pause and you will be returned to the homework page.

You can come back to this page to Continue any incomplete homework sets later on.

The Progress Bar on the Homework Overview page will also remind you which lessons have unfinished homework to come back to!

Chose a set that's too large?

We've all been there! You're able to return later to finish them off, and be sure you do! Once selected, those questions are reserved for this set and removed from availability for other homework and practice sets. So if you want to answer Every LSAT Question EVER, just take a break and when you come back, all your progress will be saved.

Chose a set that was too small?

We got you! You do not lose out on any questions by picking a smaller homework set. Those questions will be available via the Practice page of your account. Head over there to practice similar questions by using filters.

Please note that myBlueprint will not let you re-do Homework sets, but you can always review your work!

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