Creating a Question Set in the Qbank

How do I make a question set from the Q bank?

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Creating a Question Set

From the Qbank page, click Create New Practice Set - this will navigate to a different page where you can create different question sets that will be displayed in a list on the Qbank page. See this article for details on how to customize a question set to your specific study needs.

Deleting a Question Set

To delete practice sets from your list, click the trash icon highlighted in red below.

Retaking a Question Set

To retake a question set you've already created, click the "Retake" icon pictured below. You can retake a question set as many times as you want. Each time you retake a question set, the new attempt appears in the dropdown. You can view the results for all of your attempts.

Viewing the Stats of Your Practice Set

To view the stats of your practice sets, click the dropdown highlighted in red below.

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