Customizing the SMNP Qbank to Your Needs
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The Create Practice Set page has five different options for customizing your practice set. Refer to the photo below to view the options.

  1. Question Type - you can choose between all questions available or unused questions.

  2. Topics - select all, or select specific topics from the list of topics to create a specialized question set.

  3. Mode - select from "exam mode" or "tutor mode."

  4. Time - if you select "exam mode," you will have the "timing" option, with multiple timed options to choose from. If you select the standard time option, you will have 72 seconds per total to complete all questions in the exam or practice set. This is the based on the amount of time available during your actual NP exams. Extended time modes (1.5, 2X, will extend time available for by 1.5X or double (2x) standard.)

  5. Number of Questions - you can create a practice set with up to 175 questions. The number on the right hand side will tell you how many questions are available to choose from depending on the question type and topics you've selected.

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