How to Take a Practice Exam

Once in the Exams page, click the Take Online button below an exam.

On the test, you can highlight, guess select answers, and reject answers. To highlight simply select the text in the passage. You can always undo it by pressing the yellow circle next to highlight. To submit questions on the exam, press the arrow immediately after the answer that appears once selecting that choice. You must press the arrow to submit the answer, or your responses will be recorded as guess. To exclude an answer, press the prohibition symbol to the right of the answer. You can also guess using the "guess button" atop the question. 

Once you begin taking an exam online, you must complete the exam in the online interface.

Be careful to submit answers, not guesses!

To submit a question as an answer (and not a guess), you must select the answer choice and then click the arrow button that appears to its right. If your answers show up as guesses, you may have only clicked each answer choice once.

You can review how to select your answers at the beginning of every exam by clicking the little circled " i " in the upper right corner of the first screen.

Guesses affect your analytics more than the score. You can easily remove the "guess" mark by clicking Score Again and clicking the guess marker to turn it off.

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