To score an exam, head over to the Exams page.

Find the exam you want to score, and select the Score button underneath it!

Input your answers, then click to move on to the Next Section 

After inputting your answers for all exam sections, click the Score Exam button!

The question mark in the far right column will mark a question as a "guess." This should be used for anything you (you guessed it!) guessed on, or any questions you didn't have time to get to. The guess marker will not change your score, but it will flag those questions, making them easier for you to come back to when you review!

You can also retake and rescore an exam you have already completed in your MyBlueprint account.

To retake an exam, click PDF to print the exam and self-proctor the test.

Then click Score Again to enter your new answers! You cannot retake an exam using the online Take Exam option.

What if my score isn't scaling correctly (ex. showing 120)?

If your practice exam isn't scaling correctly, try rescoring your exam again. To do so, click on Score Again for this exam, go to the last section, and then click Score Exam. It should update everything across the board!

Why did I get two different scores on two different practice exams, when I got the same number of questions right and wrong on both?

LSAC gives you a raw score and a scaled score. Depending on the test, the raw score will map to a different scaled score. There are even some years where certain scores are not earned based on the way that LSAC distributes the score. For this reason, we give people the range on all of their exams, which is usually +/- 3 points because it will vary from year to year.

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