You should always review much more than your score after you take a practice exam

When you score your exam online in your myBlueprint account, Blueprint’s scoring analytics will give you an in-depth analysis of your performance. This is very helpful to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses, based on section, question type, timing, and more.

Do review, go to the Exams page of your MyBlueprint account.

Click on the Exam you want to review.

The Exam Overview Page will show your percentile score, raw score, scaled score, and overall performance on the exam.

Click on the section for Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, Reading Comp or the Experimental section to see your results and, at the bottom of the page, your analytics. 

Click an individual question to review it with the answer explanation. Explanations will appear below the question in either video or written format! 

When reviewing the explanations, it's important to try to re-trace the steps you took when answering that question on your exam. Advice on how to do that can be found here!

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