There are extra exams available in your MyBlueprint account that you can use in addition to the four practice exams included in the Blueprint course schedule! Unlike the four practice exams, which have an added "experimental section," extra exams contain only the four (4) scored sections from a previous LSAT exam administration date.

To take an extra exam, go to the Exams page of your MyBlueprint account.

Extra exams are located below the four practice exams included in your course schedule. They are labeled with the date and year they were actually administered to previous LSAT test-takers! 

All other questions from previous LSATs are categorized by type and difficulty and used for your homework and practice sets.

You can take extra exams either online in your MyBlueprint account or on paper!

To take an extra exam on a computer - 

Click the Take Online button below an exam.

You will see this lovely warning screen preparing you for the exam to come. 

** Once you begin taking an exam online, you must complete the exam in the online interface. **

To take an extra exam on paper - 

Click the PDF button below an exam to access the PDF file of the exam. 

You can then print the exam and an answer sheet! 

** Exams cannot be printed through a mobile or tablet device. **

After taking the exam, go back to the Exams page, and click the Score button below the exam to enter your answers and review your results.

** Once you begin scoring an exam in your MyBlueprint account, you cannot use the online Take Exam Online option for that test. **

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