The Law School Compass in your MyBlueprint account gives you a quick estimation of your chances of getting in to different schools!

To start using the Law School Compass - 

1. Add your target schools.

2. Fill out your Law School Profile by inputting your:

  • Application date

  • Whether or not you will be applying as an underrepresented minority

  • Quality of your application

  • Undergrad ranking

  • Undergrad GPA

Notes About the Law School Profile: 


  • Your undergrad institution is automatically filled in with the info you provided upon first logging in to your MyBlueprint account.

  • To update your undergrad institution, hover over the points area in the upper right corner of the page, click the button to View Profile, then click the button in the upper left corner to Edit Profile to make changes!

Application Date

  • This is the time range in which you will be submitting your law school applications.

Underrepresented Minority Status

  • You can think of this as asking whether or not you will be submitting a diversity statement with your law school applications.

Quality of Application

  • It's helpful to research the prospective schools that you're interested in to see what they take into consideration during the application process such volunteer experience, internships, organization memberships, etc., and factor those into your rating.

Undergrad Ranking

  • The ranking is based on the national ranking of your undergrad school, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. We use the U.S. News & World Report as a template for rankings, and so should you! 

Undergrad GPA

  • As part of the Credential Assembly Service, the LSAC may convert some items on your transcript. Once LSAC has received and processed your transcript, you can verify your GPA by logging in to your LSAC account, then going to Apply -->  Credentials --> Transcripts, and clicking the link for your Academic Summary Report.

Pro Tip: Click the " i " by the dropdown menu for more information about any of these law school profile attributes!

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