To remain eligible for Blueprint's Score Increase Guarantee, you'll have to attend all scheduled classes (with no more than one session missed and made up for by watching the lesson video). To keep track of this attendance, please let us know when you arrive to class, by using this link, which will take you to the following screen: 

Click Sign In. 

Enter your name and email address, select your class from the dropdown list, and then click Submit!

You're all set!

Please note: Only first-time students trying to maintain their eligibility for the Score Increase Guarantee need to sign in to each class. Full details of the score increase guarantee can be found at

Um, I forgot to log in ... What should I do?

You can contact our off about your attendance to a specific class through If your instructor can confirm your attendance, we will update your account accordingly.

Please remember to sign in each class session to keep an accurate record.

I couldn't attend a lesson ... what should I do?

Students enrolled in a Blueprint LSAT Prep Classroom course can make up material they miss in class using the full-length online videos available in the myBlueprint online student account.

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