Zoom Basics

Everything you need to know about using Zoom

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This article will cover some of the basic functions and helpful tips for using Zoom while attending your live sessions throughout your Live Study Group. You will join your live sessions by clicking the Zoom link that appears on your study calendar.

  1. Download the Zoom app & make sure your Zoom is up to date.

    Once you have downloaded the Zoom app on your device, make sure you have the most updated version by navigating to your account settings in the top righthand corner of Zoom, then clicking "Check for Updates."

2. Ensure your Zoom name is the one that you registered for the course with.

If you need to rename yourself, you can do so once you've joined a meeting by clicking the three small dots in the top righthand of your camera view, and selecting "Rename."

3. Understand the Mute function.

Your session will automatically mute you upon joining. Select "Mute" in the top righthand corner of your camera view to unmute yourself and answer a question when called upon, and be sure to re-mute yourself when finished.

Tip: you can use your space bar to quickly mute and unmute yourself.

4. Raise your hand.

If you have a question during a live session, best practice is to use the "Raise Hand" function. Use the keyboard shortcuts Alt + Y (PC) or Option + Y (Mac) to raise and un-raise your hand. You can also use the "Lower Hand" button to undo. Raising your hand will look like this:

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