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The SMNP Mobile Qbank App allows you to easily access your NP Qbank on to go and create, review and study practice sets with ease from anywhere! Here are some helpful tips on using the app:

Creating a Question Set in the App:

  1. On the homepage of the app, click the "Create Practice Set" button.

  2. Name the practice set - i.e. "Pharmacology Practice Set" or "Exam Review" etc.

  3. Select your Question Type - you can select from all available questions or only unused questions.

  4. Select the Topics you want to include in the practice set - you can scroll through the list and select specific topics only, or leave "Select All" checked for a comprehensive review.

  5. Select the Mode you want to use

    1. Exam Mode will time your practice set - if you select exam mode, you will be prompted to select the amount of time you would like (i.e. 1x, 1.5x)

    2. Tutor Mode is untimed

  6. Select the Number of Questions you want in the practice set (150 max).

  7. Click the "Create Practice Set" button and begin studying!

Moving Through Your Question Set in the App:

Questions in your practice set will appear in the app as pictured in the screenshots below.

If you selected Exam Mode, we are working to mimic a true exam - therefore the correct answers and rationales will not be given to you as you move along in your set, but will be provided to you once you finish the set in its entirety and enter Review Mode.

On the contrary, in Tutor Mode, you will be able to review answers and rationales to the questions as you move along one by one in your question set.

Review Mode

When you reach the final question in your practice set, you will be prompted to select "Complete Practice Set" and will be taken to a score report as pictured below:

Click the "Review" button to review the set, and go over correct answers and rationales.

Exams Dashboard

The "Exams Dashboard" button on the score report page (after you finish a practice set) will take you back to the homepage of the app, where you will find a comprehensive list of all of the question sets you've created.

Deleting a Question Set

On the homepage of the app, select the "..." button in the top right corner of the question set that you wish to delete, then select "Delete." A second prompt will appear asking if you're sure you'd like to delete this practice set - choose delete again.

**Note that the app does not support horizontal mode at this time.**

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