Customizing Your Study Plan
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Adding a Custom Task to Your Study Plan

In addition to being able to add practice sets, exams and additional learning modules to your study calendar, you can also add custom tasks. At the top of your study plan, select "+Add" then "Create" next to the "Custom" option.

Add the title, duration and date in the "Create To-Do" section. You can also add a link if applicable.

You can also add a color-coded tag for more descriptive information, and the task will show up in this color/with this tag right on your calendar!

As you complete these tasks, mark them as complete/incomplete directly in your calendar!

Adding Vacation to Your Study Plan

To add time off and vacation to your study plan, go to "Settings" then select to which plan you want to add days off. Choose the start and end date - then, when you head back to your study calendar, you will see the days on your schedule!

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