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When you enter the Qbank, the Landing Page (pictured below) will be your homepage.

The first time you login and view the Qbank Landing Page, it will be empty, other than the button to “Create New Practice Set.” Once you start creating practice sets, it will populate to show your practice sets, including details for each.

On the Landing Page, you can see a quick-view of each practice set you have created and act on the following:

  • Create New Practice Set

  • Delete Practice Set

    • when you delete a practice set, that specific data will be gone.

  • View All Attempts (you get an unlimited amount of attempts on practice sets!)

  • View Your Score

  • View information from each practice set, including:

    • Date Completed

    • Time Setting

    • Mode (if taken in Tutor Mode)

  • View additional information in drop-down that includes

    • Total Questions

    • Questions Answered

    • Correct Answers

    • Flagged

    • Total Time Spent

  • Retake Practice Set

  • Review Practice Set

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