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When you are ready to create a new practice set, click the “Create New Practice Set” button:

You will be taken to a page to create your practice set:

You are able to customize your practice sets by:

  • Creating a Name for the practice set

  • Select the Exam you want to create a practice set for

    • any Qbank you have access to will appear as an option here (i.e. Step 2, Shelf)

  • Select Subjects/Specialties

    • these will differ based on which Qbank(s) you have access to

  • Select Question Type

    • All or Unused

  • Select Categories

    • All categories and subcategories are selected by default

      • You can uncheck “Select All” to start from scratch

    • You can use the search functionality to more quickly find a category or subcategory

  • Each category has a drop-down with subcategories associated with each

  • Select Mode

    • if you select Exam Mode:

      • you will not see the results of each question until the end of the set

      • you will be able to select your Time setting

  • Tutor Mode

    • if you select Tutor Mode:

      • you will see the results of each question immediately after answering

      • the Time section will disappear - Tutor Mode is always untimed by default

  • Select Time

    • only available in Exam Mode

    • 1x - standard time

    • 1.25x

    • 1.5x

    • 2x

    • Untimed

  • Input Number of Questions

    • You can build a practice set of any length as long as it does not exceed 175 questions!

The only thing left is to click the “Create Practice Set” button and start studying!

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