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Take a Practice Set in the Exam-Like Interface
Take a Practice Set in the Exam-Like Interface
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Once you have created and customized your practice set to your liking, you're ready to to begin! Click "Create Practice Set," and you will be taken to this exam-like interface:

While taking practice sets, you will have the ability to:

  • Flag questions:

    • When you a flag question, you will also see it flagged in the left-side navigation next to the question number

  • Highlight, Underline, and Strikethrough:

    • when using these features, you need to highlight the portion you want to highlight, underline, or strikethrough first, then click the tooling icon

  • Increase/decrease Text Size:

  • Review Lab Values:

    • Clicking on the beaker icon in the top navigation will open helpful lab values on the right-hand side of the screen

    • You can use the search functionality in the lab values to highlight specific values you need

  • Strikethrough answer choices:

  • Pause and keep an eye on the timer:

    • While paused, the timer will stop and a modal will pop allowing you to cancel and continue the practice set or exit the practice set completely

  • Navigate between questions:

    • Click “Proceed to Next Item” or on the navigation arrows at the bottom

Question Types:

You will see some variety in question types while answering your practice sets, as well as in Exam Review.

Some of the question types you might encounter:

  • Sequential Question Types

    • Sequential question types are question groupings that need to be answered in order from the first question in the group to the last question in the group

    • Because questions must be answered in order, you cannot jump between questions within sequential question types

    • You cannot go back to the previous question to change the answer once you have moved onto the next question

    • You will need to lock your answers before moving onto the next question (see below)

  • You will know you are in a sequential question when you see a gray box at the top of the screen alerting you

  • Questions within a sequential question type will also have a box around them

  • Questions with Audio Clips

    • Some questions include audio clips

When you are finished with the entire practice set, click on “End Block” to complete. You will be alerted if you have any unanswered questions with a message that looks like this:

When you are truly finished, they will click “End Block” again.

This will take you to your final results, where you can take action to:

  • Return to Dashboard

    • this will take you to the Qbank Landing Page

  • Review Practice Set

  • Review Score Report

Clicking on “Review Score Report” will give you an in depth breakdown of how you did on the practice set!

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