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Once you complete a Practice Set, clicking on “Review Score Report” will give you a better breakdown of how you did on the practice set. The Score Report is where you can see targeted analytics for each practice set. See the screen shot below for details!

On the Score Report, you will see:

  • Practice set name

  • Performance

    • Percentage represents the percent of questions you answered correctly in practice set

  • Average Time Spent per question

  • Total Time Spent per question

  • Performance Breakdown

    • Number of total questions

    • Percent and number of questions answered correct, incorrect, and unanswered

  • Question Summary

    • At-a-glance heat map of questions where you can quickly see flagged questions and questions answered correct, incorrect, and unanswered

    • When you click on the question number, you will see the metadata for that question

  • Question List table view

    • Further down the Score Report, you will see each question represented in a table view that displays the question number, if the question is flagged, Status (correct, incorrect, unanswered), Subject/Specialty, Category, Subcategory, and Time (time spent on question)

  • Flagged Questions

    • Shows how many questions you flagged and if you answered those questions correct, incorrect, or unanswered

  • Answer Changes

    • Shows how your answers have changed if you have answered the question more than once

  • Categories table view

    • List of how you performed in specific categories in the practice set. i.e., “There was 1 Hematology and Oncology question in this practice set, and I answered it incorrectly. Therefore, I received a 0% in this category for this practice set.”

You can quickly navigate to review your practice set questions from the Score Report page by clicking “Review."

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