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You can review your practice set questions in Exam Review by clicking “Review” from the Score Report page. When you review questions, you will be taken back into the exam-like interface, and you will be provided detailed explanations for each question.

You will be able to review:

  • How you answered the question vs. the correct answer

  • Metadata for each question in the side panel on the right

  • Lab Values for each question

  • Detailed explanations with amazing imagery

    • for a better look at the images, you can click on the image so it expands

Exam Review also includes two key features:

  • One Step Further:

    • Additional fact-based question that fortifies your knowledge on the main topic

    • You can quiz yourself before clicking on “Reveal Answer”

  • Clicking on “Reveal Answer” will reveal the answer

  • Rapid Review:

    • Presents the key teaching and high yield points in a take-away summary to improve memorization and recall

All question explanations will end with References so that you can see sources and expand your knowledge on the topics:

“Reach Out to Experts”

  • You are able to submit feedback and reach out to experts while they are in Exam Review

  • You can click on “Submit Feedback" to automatically be taken to your default email with an email form set up to include your feedback/questions.

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