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How to use the Analytics page of your account

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You are able to see performance breakdowns with the powerful Analytics feature, and you can filter your results to be more specific to your needs at the moment. Analytics is a great place to look to see how you are progressing and review overall trends.


You have access to several filters on the Analytics page to deep dive into your performance for time periods, certain exams, and exam modes.

  • Date: to review analytics for a certain time period.

  • Exams : if you have access to multiple Qbanks, they will appear here (i.e. Step 2, Shelf)

  • Exam Mode

    • Exam: View all practice sets you took in Exam Mode

    • Tutor: View all practice sets you took in Tutor Mode

Overall Performance

  • Overall Performance shows the total number of correct questions over total questions answered, as a percentage.

QBank Questions Used

  • This counter shows the number of questions used over the total number of questions available. In this case, “used” questions mean questions that were added to a practice set, not necessarily questions that are answered.

Cumulative Performance:

  • The Cumulative Performance section shows your scores on very practice set in a scatter plot graph, over time. The dashed line in the graph indicates the trend of your scores over time. Each plot represents a completed practice set and when hovered over will show the date completed and the score.

Performance Breakdown

  • In the Performance Breakdown, the Overall Performance percentage is the number of correct questions divided by the total number of questions (correct, incorrect, and unanswered).

Peer Comparison:

  • For many specialties, we include the peer comparison chart. The peer comparison bell chart shows how you perform compared with your peers in the same specialty.

Flagged Questions:

  • The flagged questions feature in analytics will show the amount of correct, incorrect, and unanswered flagged questions you have answered.

Answer Change Breakdown:

  • If you have changed your answer while in a practice set, you can see this activity reflected on the Answer Change Breakdown section.

Other Categories:

  • Below the standard analytics, you will find further breakdown by question metadata. Questions are tagged by our content experts and will reflect the metadata that is most significant to your content or exam.

  • The categories table view show how you are performing in each category and subcategory. When clicking directly into a category, you can click the dropdown on the right to see what specific topics may be helpful to review.

  • If you have access to both multiple Qbanks, you can easily go back and forth to view Category performance using the Categories option.

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