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Using Blueprint to Prepare for the August 2024 LSAT
Using Blueprint to Prepare for the August 2024 LSAT

Preparing for the LSAT with No Logic Games

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Update: As of April 2024, we now have courses for sale that reflect the new, no-Logic Games format of the LSAT. To enroll, visit to find your course!

If you are in our current course that includes Logic Games but need some advice, read on!

If you're deciding whether you want to postpone to August:

  • First, take Practice Exam 1 or Practice Exam 4. These two exams use items straight from LSAC (the Law School Admissions Council) to provide the most test-like experience possible when you practice.

  • Second, compare the number of items you got correct in LG to the two LR sections. For our learners, we've found that learning and improving in LG is relatively quick and effective, making this section one you should consider taking unless you see a massive difference in performance between LR and LG. It can be harder to raise an LR score in comparison with LG, and if you wait to test, you'll essentially be doubling down on the LR section -- which makes sense if you're already close to your goal score in LR, but if both sections are low, consider keeping LG in the mix.

  • If you're on the fence, try out some of our LG modules and the accompanying practice sets, and see how you feel about this section after a bit of preparation.

If you're set on skipping LG due to anxiety about LG because you find games confusing, we'd recommend following the advice above just to confirm you're making the right call. That said, we know there are some reasons people may already be very sure, and you're the person who has to sit and take the test, so we're here for you!

For those waiting until August:

  • Start your study plan as normal - but skip the LG modules and quizzes. Watch any general strategy modules and all LR/RC modules as normal.

  • Take Practice Exam 1. You can take the original version of PE1 (with Logic Games) or the 2024 version of PE1 (without Logic Games). You need this baseline to tell if you're improving when you take later section tests and exams!

  • You should plan to spend a significant amount of extra time on the LR modules and LR practice, making extra practice sets beyond what's in the study plan to review after each LR module. There is going to be twice as much LR as RC on your exam; so you need to really make sure you're getting that info down.

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