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Using Blue, the AI Tutor for MCAT
Using Blue, the AI Tutor for MCAT

How do I utilize your Blue AI Tutor chatbot for MCAT review?

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What is Blue for MCAT?

Blue is the name of our AI Tutor chatbot available to help explain questions/answers while reviewing any test-like question (questions from Blueprint practice exams, Qbank questions, and End of Chapter exam questions).

The chat-style Tutor references Blueprint materials as well as scientific knowledge to guide you through how to solve the question in a stepwise manner that reinforces core scientific principles. Blue helps you arrive at the correct answer using the Socratic method.

Blue makes a point of having you not just solve the individual question, but reiterates the core science underlying that question, reinforcing the knowledge-base you would use to answer future similar items.

Meet Blue:

Use Blue to create LLJ Entries:

How can I use Blue?

Blue is available when reviewing any question from your Qbank, Blueprint Exam or End of Chapter exam. Blue is not available on learning module questions, or while answering a question. Blue is only available during review.

The Blue AI Tutor icon shows up next to the purple +Create button anytime you are reviewing a test-like question:


  • You can move the chat window to a different place on your screen by using the drag handle at the top (the six dots).

  • You can resize the chat window by using the resizing handle in the top left corner (the 3 diagonal lines)

  • If you use Blue to create a Lesson Learned entry, you can move either/both the chat window and the LLJ entry form. You can still chat with Blue while the LLJ window is open.

Good to Know:

Blue is powered by the advanced GPT-4 LLM (Language Learning Model) from OpenAI. While our Tutor bot is a powerful learning tool, it's important to note some general limitations inherent to LLMs:

  • Image Interpretation: LLMs primarily work with text input and may struggle with interpreting images. While they can analyze and generate text-based content with impressive accuracy, they may not always provide meaningful responses when presented with images.

  • Math Problems: LLMs are proficient in various subjects, including mathematics. However, they may face challenges with complex math problems, particularly those involving intricate equations or specialized mathematical concepts. While they can handle basic arithmetic and many intermediate-level topics, they may not always provide accurate or complete solutions for highly advanced math queries.

So... be patient πŸ€“ LLMs are continually learning and improving, but they may not always provide perfect responses. If you encounter any issues or inaccuracies, please use the rating and comment interface to let us know (see below).

Submitting Feedback

We encourage you to report issues using the rating and comment interface that you see whenever you close Blue. These comments/ratings go directly to the content developers for review and analysis!

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