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Non-LG Course Data Transfer
Non-LG Course Data Transfer

What data will transfer if I switch from a LG course to a non-LG course?

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What data transfers if I switch to the non-LG course?

Many unchanged resources from the current courses are being carried over to the new courses so you can expect some of your data to be preserved if you decide to switch.

Learning Modules

Most of the learning modules are remaining unchanged so data will carry over for completed unchanged learning modules. Learning modules removed from new courses (all LG modules) will not carry over.


Performance data will carry over to the new courses. You will be able to see your previous exam scores, performance breakdown, etc. However, you will not be able to review those exams, view score reports, or retake them.

Qbank questions

Created practice sets will carry over and you will be able to review/retake them even if they contain Logic Games questions. New practice sets will not be able to contain Logic Games.

Daily Warmup

Logic Games questions will no longer be in Daily Warm-up.

Lesson Learned Journal entries

LLJ entries will carry over to the new courses, as well as your references/links to the content they were tagged to– if they are tagged to a Logic Games learning module or exam, you will not be able to use the LLJ link to access it. If they are tagged to an LG Qbank question/practice set, you will.

Dashboard / Analytics

If you previously answered Logic Games questions in an older product, you will still see Logic Games represented in your Aggregate Analytics and your Dashboard. If you did not complete any Logic Games questions, you will only see Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

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