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Learning Module Completion

How do I complete a module? Does manually marking a module as complete count as complete?

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If you're enrolled in a Blueprint course then you may have questions about completing the Learning Modules. This article will go over the best practices for the modules, which are required for many of our Guaranteed products.

The Learning Modules are a large part of our courses and will cover important content to prepare for the exam. Learning Modules consist of videos followed by short quizzes, and will represent the majority of assignments that appear on the plan.

Completing a Module

When you finish all of the videos and quizzes associated with a Learning Module the module will automatically be marked as Complete on your plan. Finishing all of the work associated with a given module counts as completing the module.

Manually Marking as Complete

We also offer the option to manually mark modules as Complete without finishing all of the associated work. We do this in order to provide flexibility to the Study Plan so it is useful for anyone at any point in their prep.

With regard to the guarantee, modules must be actually completed and not just manually marked as complete. While it is possible to skip modules or manually mark them as Complete, we do not recommend doing this if you intend to remain eligible for the Guarantee.

Checking for Module Completion

If you are unsure if you have completed all of the modules, then you can check your Resources tab in your account to view a list of all the modules and what you've completed in each of them.

MCAT Initial Assessments - Testing Out

The MCAT courses include Initial Assessments for each science module. If you score high enough on the initial assessment, you have tested out of the module, allowing you to skip the remaining videos and quizzes. While we still encourage completing all the module work to reinforce your existing knowledge, for MCAT courses, either method (testing out or full completion) will count towards your module completion progress.

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