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Qbank Free Trials

How does the Qbank free trial work?

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What is the Qbank free trial?

Many of our Qbanks offer a free trial with a limited number of Qbank questions. In your free trial you can create as many or as few practice sets as possible, using any content from the Qbank included in the trial (usually between 20 and 50 questions, depending on the overall size of the Qbank).

What do I get in my Qbank free trial?

The free trial account includes all account functionality, including Analytics, Practice Set creation, flagging questions, correct answer explanations, and more. The only difference between the free trial and the full product is the number of questions available in the Qbank.

How long does the Qbank free trial last?

Currently, the Qbank free trial expires after 12 months.

What happens when I purchase?

Once you purchase the full Qbank, any analytics and practice sets already created will remain. After purchase you will have access to the full Qbank, including all questions available. It is not possible to start the free trial again after purchasing the full QBank.

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