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How does the Qbank search feature work? How can I search the Qbank?

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Several Blueprint and SMNP Reviews Qbank products allow for Search of the Qbank by keyword.

How does Search work?

Click on Search in the upper right from your Qbank tab.

Then, type keywords into the search bar. This will take you to a Search Results page which shows you all questions that you have access to and that are relevant to your search.

Questions with the exact phrase will show your term in bold. You can also see which question pool or exam the question belongs to, in the tags at the bottom of the search result.

You can also use the filters on the left side of the page to search from all of your Qbanks, or from certain specific Qbanks.

Spoiler Alerts

The eyeball icon shows you if there is a question you have not seen before. If you click on the question, you will get a Spoiler Alert popup that asks you if you want to proceed.

Once you navigate to the question, you can review the question just like in Exam Review mode.

Clicking the Back arrow at the top next to Search Results at the top of the question will take you back to your Search Results page.


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