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Finding Past LSAT Office Hours

Using Correct Filters to Find the Specific Recording

Written by Gene Suhir
Updated over a week ago

To find past LSAT Office Hours recordings, login to your Blueprint account, and click on the Live tab at the top, and then Past. You can also use this link.

This will give you the past 6 months of Office Hours and lessons, but you'll want to filter that down further using some combination of the 5 filters available along the left of the page.

Use the Type filter to select Office Hours.

Use the Status filter if you'd like to narrow your search only to those Office Hours for which you were previously registered.

Use the Subject filter to choose among Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, or Testing Skills.

If there is a particular instructor you learn from well, filter by Instructor to see if they have an Office Hours recording on the topic you'd like to access.

Use the Date filter to narrow Office Hours recordings to a particular date range. You may have to zoom out in your window to select beginning and ending dates within the range.

Once you have set your filters, you can scroll along the right to see the date, title, description, and instructor of each available Office Hours recordings. When you have found the one you want, click Watch. To back to the menu, hit the Esc key.

NOTE: After a live Office Hours takes place, it typically takes about 48 hours for the recording to become available.

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