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Course Accommodations & Accessibility

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Statement on Accessibility

Blueprint is committed to the full inclusion of students and will make good faith efforts to provide appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities. Blueprint will comply with all federal, state, and local laws regarding accessibility.

Requesting Accommodations

To request accommodations for your course, please fill out our accommodations request form and submit it to You can also reach out to with any questions regarding accommodations or your needs for the course.

Adjusting Timing

Timing for exams can be adjusted for MCAT, LSAT, and NP.

Screen Reader

Our online platform is compatible with screen reader software. Previous students have used the following with success:

  • NVDA on PC

  • Windows Narrator on PC

  • Spoken Content on Mac

  • VoiceOver on Mac

  • ChromeVox for Chromebooks

  • Screen Reader browser extension in Chrome

Captions on Recordings

To enable captions on recorded sessions, we recommend using the Chrome browser and follow the instructions here. Captions will show on the recording as below:

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