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How do I take practice exams on my Blueprint LSAT account?

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Starting Your Exam

Access — You can access practice exams either through the Exams page or the Study Plan in your Blueprint LSAT account. The Exams page lists all of the practice exams available to you; just select which one you want to take, then click Take Exam or Take in Sections (more on that below). From your Study Plan, click on the Practice Exam you want to take, and you will be taken to the "Take Exam/Take in Sections" option screen.

Exam Options

Take Exam vs. Take in Sections — The Take Exam button offers you the possibility to take the full exam just as it will be administered on test day. The Take in Sections option allows you to take timed sections one at a time without having to commit to the full exam. Taking a full-length exam will give you a score from 120-180, while taking an exam in sections (even taking all of them) will not. Click here for more details. (Note: Practice Exam 1 must be taken in full.)

Number of Sections — If you click Take Exam, you have the option of taking the Full version (4 sections) or the Flex version (3 sections). Since the LSAT-Flex has now been retired in favor of the 4-section exam, we highly recommend that you choose the Full (4 sections) option as opposed to the 3-section exam since it will offer you a more accurate representation of your potential score.

TimingRegular time is 35 minutes per section, just like regular time on test day. Regardless of how many sections you’re doing, you also have the option of taking your practice exam at 1.25x time, 1.5x time, 2x time, or Untimed. If you have received testing accommodations from LSAC, use the dropdown menu to select the time matching your accommodation. Otherwise, we recommend using Regular time.

During the Exam

Answering Questions — To pick an answer, select the answer choice among the five given to highlight it. Then, click the ">" icon in the bottom-right corner of your interface to advance to the next question. Do NOT click "Complete Section" (Checkered Flag icon on mobile) at this time; it will end your section early, and you won't have an opportunity to complete the rest of the questions.

Eliminating Answer Choices — To eliminate an answer choice, click the crossed-out circle icon to gray it out. If you wish to bring back an answer choice you have already eliminated, click the crossed-out circle icon again.

Flagging & Skipping Questions — To flag a question to get back to it later, click the Bookmark icon on the top-right corner of your interface (top-middle on mobile). You have the option of skipping the questions as well. However, since the LSAT does not penalize wrong answers, we strongly recommend selecting an answer before moving on, even if it's just a guess.

Passage/Stimulus Interface

Annotations — You can underline and highlight (in 3 colors) Reading Comprehension passages and Logical Reasoning questions, just like you can on test day. You can do so using the "U" and "Highlight" buttons on your interface. (Click here for more details on how to use the highlight tools effectively.)

Erasing — Click Erase and select your annotated text to erase those annotations.

Line Height & Text Size — Click the icons at the top of your interface to adjust line spacing and text size, if desired.

Passage Only mode (RC only) — If you want to view a Reading Comprehension passage without the questions on the screen, click Passage Only. Then, unclick Passage Only to view the questions, as well. Note: The Passage will always be displayed on your screen, whether or not you are in Passage Only mode.

Breaks Between Sections — On a Full exam, breaks are automatically given just as they would be on test day: 1 minute between each section, with a 10-minute break between sections 2 & 3. If you take the exam in sections, you will receive your score report for that section immediately following each section, giving you the option of jumping right into another section or reviewing right away.

Ending Each Section — Once you complete the final question of a section (if there is time remaining) the ">" icon to go to the next question will be grayed out (since there aren't any more questions). The section will automatically end when time runs out, so you can use any time you have left to review questions you have flagged. You also have the option to end the section early by clicking "Complete Section" (Checkered Flag icon on mobile). However, since you won't have this option on test day, we recommend waiting until time runs out. (Note: if you are taking the test untimed, you will need to click "Complete Section" to end the section.)

Getting Your Score

Full Exam — Once you complete the final section of your exam, you will instantly receive a scaled score from 120 to 180. (Click here to learn more about how exams are scored.) You will also get a detailed score report with accuracy percentages, question-type analytics, and review material for each question. We highly recommend spending plenty of time reviewing each practice exam you take.

Section Exam — At the end of each section, you will receive the same analytics and review material that you would get after a full exam. However, even after completing all 4 sections of a section-by-section exam, you will not get a 120-180 score.

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