Reorganizing your Blueprint X Sketchy Study Plan

How can I reorganize my study plan based on content, falling behind, or FL performance?

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A quick note for everyone - there's always the option to rebalance your study plan with the Reset button, but that will move anything you've moved around manually! So, if you're planning to heavily rely on manual reorganization, make sure not to use that Reset function and undo your hard work. Specifically, if you're manually reorganizing to focus on content or to focus on exam analytics, you probably won't want to hit the Reset button again between now and your MCAT.

Reorganizing To Focus On Content

So - you don't want to wait on exam performance to prioritize your review! Maybe you're getting started super early, or maybe you already have a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses. In either case - you know what you want and you're looking to rearrange. In this case, we recommend first making a pen and paper list of the content you want to review straight away. Don't worry about making a long term list - if you're taking this approach, you'll want to be able to adjust things as you go, so plan to rearrange 1-2 weeks at a time. Once you have your list of "high priority" content, click and drag the sketches around to suit the order you want! Focus on just rearranging the next couple of weeks for now - moving your important content into those weeks and moving the content currently there out to later (or, alternately, removing it from the study plan for now). Try out the + button as well - Sketchy adds content frequently, so there may be a few extra sketches hiding out there for you to add that are relevant to your needs. You can also always add assignments back in with the + button if you remove them. In a couple of weeks, you'll rearrange again - either to fit your new needs, or, based on your exam/practice performance.

Reorganizing Based on Exam Performance

This is a great method for students who are looking to be particularly efficient in reviewing and improving after each and every test. You'll want to identify a few content weaknesses for every section (except, of course, CARS) based on your analytics view. Make a note of the 3-4 topics per section that you're hoping to review between this exam and the next. You can expand that to 5-6 topics per section or more if you've got a big gap between exams; but for most students with about a week or two between tests, 3-4 topics per section will be about what you're able to tackle.

Once you have your list, rearrange your study plan by clicking and dragging the sketches relevant to those topics to fall in between now and your next exam. If they're not on your study plan, you can always use the + to add them - and Sketchy does add content regularly, so you'll want to check the + options just in case. As for the sketches already present in your study plan on the days between now and your next test? We suggest moving them out to later if they're not important for you to review right now, or, removing them entirely (you can always add them back with that +). Build your study plan out with a few sketches a day between now and your next exam, focusing on those areas you identified as pain points. By your next exam, you'll have reviewed all your content struggles, and you'll be ready to repeat this process for those analytics! In this way, you'll get through all of the sketchy content that you most need, and you'll also be making real, quantifiable gains in the areas where you're struggling, which is a great way to stay motivated.

Reorganizing Because You're Behind

It happens to all of us! So, you got behind. The first thing you should really consider doing is hitting that "Reset" button. I know, we warned against this at the start of the guide, but in your case it's actually a very fast way to get a head start on reorganizing. This will make sure all current sketches available are added into your study plan, and it'll also rebalance the sketches you have across the days you have left. After you hit "Reset", make sure the test date/days off/etc listed are accurate, and viola, your study plan will be rebalanced! From here, you'll want to do any additional manual movement needed - if for instance you're trying to keep the month you take the MCAT clear of sketches, you'll want to move several of those up manually into earlier weeks. Look ahead for any future conflicts and go ahead and make those fixes now. You can see the duration anticipated for each day on your study plan, so, if a day is looking too packed, now is the time to fix that! If you remove any Sketches or Exams from your study plan, the + button can be used to bring them right back.

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