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What is LawHub Advantage and how do I use it?

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What is LawHub Advantage?

Let's explain: Anyone who purchases an LSAT prep program (including with Blueprint) is required by the LSAC to also purchase LSAT LawHub Advantage, which for $115 gets you one year of access to 60 practice tests on LawHub. As a Blueprint student, you already have LawHub access. The question is, what do you do with it?

Why would I use LawHub?

There are a few reasons to use LawHub to look at practice tests. Let's run through them in order.

  1. You already took a Practice Exam on our website, and now you want to review it without seeing the correct answers or explanations. If this is you, check out our article on How to Do a Blind Review. Not only will it tell you which exam on LawHub corresponds to the Practice Exam you took, it will also give you advice on how to supercharge your review process.

  2. You want to look up specific material to practice. Maybe you want to finish the remaining questions from a logic game you covered in class, or there's a famously difficult RC passage you want to tackle but haven't seen in the Qbank yet.

  3. You've taken every Practice Exam on our website (and if this is you, kudos on all the work you've done!!) and want access to more fresh exams.

  4. You want to take one exam using the exact same interface you'll see on test day. (Even though our interface is literally as similar to the real deal as the LSAC allows).

Should I use LawHub?

If it's for one of the reasons listed above, sure, go for it!

Otherwise, we don't recommend it much. Why not? First, LawHub won't give you any explanations or detailed analytics on your performance. That means you're missing out on some of the most helpful tools for tracking and accelerating your progress. While it's possible to score some LawHub exams in our system, it's a tricky process. (That's a good reason for that - our Practice Exams are even better practice for test day than the exams on LawHub.) For that reason, we recommend you take Practice Exams in our system and use LawHub to (blind) review them, rather than the reverse.

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