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LSAC LawHub Advantage 101
LSAC LawHub Advantage 101

What is LawHub Advantage and how do I use it? Do I have to use it? How do I link with my coach?

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What is LawHub Advantage?

Anyone who purchases an LSAT prep program (including with Blueprint) is required by the LSAC to also purchase LSAT LawHub Advantage, which gets you one year of access to practice tests on LawHub. As a Blueprint student, you must purchase LawHub Advantage from Blueprint at checkout, or directly from LSAC.

Because we use official LSAT questions in our Blueprint course, all students must pay for the LSAT LawHub Advantage license in order to use our course and Blueprint online materials.

When should I use LawHub?

  1. You already took a Practice Exam on our website and now you want to review it without seeing the correct answers or explanations. If this is you, check out our article on How to Do a Blind Review. Not only will it tell you which exam on LawHub corresponds to the Practice Exam you took, it will also give you advice on how to supercharge your review process.

  2. You want to look up specific material to practice. Maybe you want to finish the remaining questions from a Logical Reasoning topic you covered in class, or maybe there's a famously difficult Reading Comprehension passage you want to tackle but haven't seen in the Qbank yet.

  3. You've taken every Practice Exam on our website and want access to more fresh exams.

  4. You want to take one exam using the exact same interface you'll see on test day.

When should I not use LawHub?

Other than the reasons listed above, we don't recommend using LawHub for your prep. LawHub won't give you any explanations or detailed analytics on your performance. That means you're missing out on some of the most helpful tools for tracking and accelerating your progress. While it is possible to score some LawHub exams in our system, it's a tricky process.

I forgot to purchase LawHub Advantage from Blueprint. How can I purchase it from LSAC?

If you forgot to purchase LawHub Advantage from Blueprint and need to purchase LawHub Advantage from LSAC, you can do so on the LSAC site at

How can I link Blueprint as my coach? What is linking a coach?

Blueprint will serve as your LSAT coach, and linking your coach allows Blueprint to be your LSAT content provider. Contact if you can't find the email to link to your coach, and we will re-send your linking email.

  • After enrollment, you will get an email from the LSAC asking you to link your coach.

  • Click Get Started in the email and, on the next screen, click Sign Up Now to create your LSAC account.

  • Upon successful registration, you will see all LSAT PrepTests in the LSAC account. This means you have successfully activated and linked your account.

Can I purchase a course without LSAT LawHub Advantage?

No. All Blueprint students must have an LSAT LawHub Advantage account. If you have already purchased LSAT LawHub Advantage separately from Blueprint, you do not need to purchase it again from us. If you purchase a Blueprint course without LawHub Advantage (because you already have it), you will still need to link Blueprint as your coach using the email asking you to link your coach.

If you do not see all LSAT PrepTests in your LSAC account, then you are using a free account. You will need to upgrade to LSAT LawHub Advantage at

I have issues with my LSAT LawHub Advantage account.

LSAC recommends using Chrome browser (Incognito mode will not work). LSAT LawHub Advantage technical issues are best directed to LSAC; please reach out to if you need further assistance with your LawHub Advantage account.

I accidentally purchased LSAT LawHub Advantage from Blueprint but I already have an account, what do I need to do?

If you purchased LawHub Advantage from Blueprint but you already had a paid account, contact within 14 days for a refund. Before requesting a refund, make sure that you already have an LSAT LawHub Advantage account and verify that it is with the same email address as your Blueprint account.

I used a different email address for Blueprint and LSAT LawHub Advantage. What should I do?

That's okay! Just use the link in your email to link your LawHub Advantage account to Blueprint as your coach.

I don’t want to use my LSAT LawHub Advantage account and I will never log into it. Do I still need to buy it?

Yes. All Blueprint students need an LSAT LawHub Advantage account regardless of if they will use the LSAT LawHub Advantage resources. In addition to online resources, the LSAT LawHub Advantage account allows you a license to view official LSAT materials in your Blueprint account.

Can I buy more or less than 12 months of LSAT LawHub Advantage?

LSAT LawHub Advantage is only sold in increments of 12 months, so there is no option to do a shorter or longer duration.

I only plan on using half of the practice exams in LSAT LawHub Advantage. Do I still need to buy it?

Yes, all Blueprint students need an LSAT LawHub Advantage account regardless of how many of the resources they will use.

I need to purchase two LSAT courses in one transaction. How do I do that?

Please contact our Student Success Team at (310) 4BP-PREP or for purchases of more than one course at a time.

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