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3 Things to Know When Choosing Your MCAT 515+ Class Schedule
3 Things to Know When Choosing Your MCAT 515+ Class Schedule

I just enrolled in the 515+ course - which class schedule should I choose?

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Welcome to the MCAT prep party! While we cannot guarantee that this will be the most fun party you will ever attend, we can offer some guidance to help you get started on your MCAT preparation.

As you are choosing a 515+ class and creating your study plan, here are 3 things that you should know.

1. There is pre-work before your first class.

Before the first class meeting, you should plan to take the half-length Diagnostic Exam (~4 hours) and spend time reviewing it (~3-4 hrs). We also recommend watching the first 2 modules, about ~1 hour each. So, when looking at the list of classes, we recommend choosing a class that starts at least a couple of days in the future to give yourself time to complete this pre-work and be fully ready for Workshop #1.

2. Classes meet 2x/week for 16 weeks - plan to attend live!

Each week, you will have a 2.5 hour live Workshop and a 2.5 hour live Lesson. Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for the score guarantee you must attend every session, and 30 out of 32 must be attended live (for 2 of them, you can watch the recorded session and still be eligible).

We know that live attendance in class is highly correlated with score growth - so keep this in mind when selecting a class schedule!

If you do need to miss a class (hey, we get it!) we don't want this to derail your plan, so we offer live makeup classes that you can easily self-register for and not miss a beat.

3. Practice makes progress! Practice Exams, that is.

A high score means lots of practice. Our guarantee requires that you complete 4 Blueprint practice exams and 5 AAMC practice exams.

Why tell you this now? Well, it could influence which class schedule you choose! Here's what it means for your schedule:

  • The Study Plan will automatically place 4 Blueprint practice exams onto your schedule

  • AAMC exams will also be placed on the Study Plan, but not until the end - it's best practice to do the AAMC's right before your real MCAT.

You will want to leave enough time between the last class date and your MCAT exam date so that there isn't a pile-up at the end where you're taking multiple practice exams per week, which we do not recommend! Best practice is to leave at least 4 weeks after the last class and your MCAT exam date to be able to finish all of your practice exams.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to our Student Success Team! They are always only a click away via the chat icon in the lower right of your screen.

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