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AAMC Renumbering questions for 515+ Course
AAMC Renumbering questions for 515+ Course

AAMC changes question number if questions are completed out of order.

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AAMC homework is assigned weekly in Workshops in your 515+ course. The homework assigned corresponds to the material covered in the Workshop.

Once a question is completed in an AAMC question pack, if you close and reopen the resource, it will reorder the numbering to only include incomplete questions. For example, if you do questions 1-15 and then reopen the resource, what was #16 becomes #1. As you can imagine, this can get confusing.

The good news is that there is a solution.

  1. Step 1: To get credit for completing the assignment, make sure to click Mark Complete in your study plan when you’ve completed an assignment. This will update your progress tracker to give you credit for these questions.

  2. Step 2: Reset the resource, you’ll still be able to review your answers from the Previous Score Reports section. You will still be able to see your Highlights on individual questions if you want to mark them in a way that lets you know what you’ve completed.

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