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MCAT Tutoring 515+: Making the Most of Your Program
MCAT Tutoring 515+: Making the Most of Your Program

This article is intended for enrollees in Blueprint's 515+ guaranteed tutoring, which includes the Blueprint Live MCAT Course and tutoring.

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With Blueprint's 515+ Tutoring experience, you have a combination of several high powered resources: the Blueprint study plan, Blueprint Live MCAT course, and of course your expert MCAT tutor. Here are a few tips on how to best get started and make use of every resource you have!

Tip #1: Have your first tutoring meeting as soon as possible

Your tutor is going to have personalized guidance based on getting to know you that's going to really help customize your study plan and schedule. The earlier you meet with your tutor, the more you'll be able to integrate that guidance in to your plans for the live course. Your tutor can help you select (or re-select) a live class cohort, pick and choose your highest priority assignments from class, and rearrange your plans to best suit your needs and goals.

Tip #2: Think of your tutor as your first stop for support for anything outside of the live online sessions themselves

With the live class + tutoring, you do have live instructors (and office hour instructors) you could reach out to with questions in addition to your tutor. In fact, your Live instructors will reach out to you with some feedback and tips. However, your tutor is going to have more information about where you personally are at in your prep, and therefore is going to be able to give even more targeted feedback and advice. When in the Live classroom itself your Live instructors will be the best people to ask for guidance, but outside of the live classroom itself, your tutor should be the first place you go!

Tip #3: Live class for foundational knowledge and skills; Tutor for personalization and finesse

Your Live class and your tutor can both help you prepare for the MCAT, but each has a unique purpose and function. If you fully engage with your live class and make sure to attend and chime in, you'll be building a foundation and backbone of knowledge about both MCAT content and MCAT strategies you can use to tackle the test. Learning these skills through your live course will free up your time with your tutor, allowing you to focus with them on your remaining opportunities, on personalizing your schedule and plans, and on really filling in any areas that remain as unique needs for you. This will help you get the absolute most out of your tutoring and out of your live course!

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