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How can I use Sketchy with Blueprint exams?

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Blueprint and Sketchy have teamed up to give our students another competitive edge to crush the MCAT®!

To learn more or to get this exciting new bundle, head over to

If you already have a Blueprint Exams bundle and you want to supercharge your prep with improved retention and increased recall speed, you can add Sketchy to your existing plan. Simply login to your Blueprint account, navigate to the Plans & Extensions page, and click the "+ Add Sketchy" button:

Navigate to Plans & Extensions page and click the Add Sketchy button.

If you're signing up with Blueprint for the first time, you'll create a Blueprint username and password during the checkout process. If you are adding Sketchy to your existing Blueprint account, you're already all set.

After purchasing Sketchy, you will receive an email from Blueprint with a link to Activate Your Sketchy Resources. You will be directed to Sketchy's website where you will create a Sketchy username and password and finish the checkout process. Since you already paid on the Blueprint side, your Sketchy cart should be $0, but you will have to enter a credit card number. Note: your Blueprint login and your Sketchy login are separate! To make things smoother, we recommend staying logged in at Sketchy.

Toggle back to Blueprint, and you're ready to create your Study Plan and starting crushing your prep goals!

Once you're logged in to both Blueprint and Sketchy, you have a few options! You can either get started with the order we've set for you in the study plan, which is designed to get you through all major content covered by Sketchy by your test date, or, you can start rearranging based on your content comfort or your exam performance, which you can learn more about here.

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