Order of Sketchy Resources on the Study Plan

How is the order of Sketchy resources determined?

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Blueprint and Sketchy worked together to determine the best possible order of Sketches for a student just getting started. It begins with a tour through all the major subjects covered by Sketchy, with examples from each subject included early in your study plan. Then, the study plan progresses through content in an order that builds upon knowledge you've previously reinforced with prior sketches - building from amino acids to proteins, for instance!

That said, you may well want to adjust the order of your Sketches to better fit you personally - and we've got plenty of guidance to help you do that here.

Finally, your Sketches will all be wrapped up by ~2 weeks in advance of your real MCAT, because at that point you should be entirely focused on practice, review, and stress management in anticipation of the real thing!

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