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How to incorporate your Qbank add-on with your Blueprint x Sketchy Exam Bundle
How to incorporate your Qbank add-on with your Blueprint x Sketchy Exam Bundle
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In your bundle, you have flashcards, exams, sketches, and a study plan that organizes them all. To learn more about how to use this bundle as-is, you can always refer back to our article on the subject.
You've also added the Qbank to your Blueprint X Sketchy bundle - which means you have a lot of extra practice that you can work into your study plan! Here are a few tips on how to make the most of having the Qbank add-on as part of your Blueprint X Sketchy exam bundle:

  • Use the Qbank to test your knowledge on topics you've reviewed. From the Qbank page you have a wide variety of filtering options. Some of the most valuable include the "Topic" filters, which will allow you to select specific topics you want to see in quizzes. Note that some topics have more items than others - this is generally reflective of the yield, or testability, of that particular topic area. Use the topic filters to create a quiz on the topics you've reviewed recently that you want to practice a bit more!

  • Pre-Schedule some Qbank practice sets into your Study Plan. If you click the + symbol on any day in your study plan, you can add a Qbank quiz! You can do this by either adding a quiz you already built on the Qbank page, or, by creating a practice set in the moment you add the Qbank Quiz to your study plan by selecting the +Create option. You'll select a few filters for the quiz, and make sure to click the "Create and Save for Later" option when done. In this way, you can customize your study plan with quizzes! We recommend adding these quizzes in a couple of different situations:

    • Add quizzes to get daily practice: you can add a short quiz a day to make sure you're staying on top of your MCAT strategy skills. We recommend these stay small - a single passage or a few discretes - and that they have relatively general filters set. This style of practice is more targeted at building testing skills than reviewing specific content. It's particularly helpful for CARS.

    • Add quizzes after taking a Practice Test: if you've just taken a practice test, you may have identified several areas where you specifically need practice. As part of your exam review, go ahead and build out those quizzes into your study plan leading up to your next test. That way, you know you'll be not only reviewing the content you need, but also practicing with that content and strategy before your next big assessment! Learn more about customizing based on exams here.

  • Use Quizzes to reinforce what you just covered in Sketches or other review. We mentioned this above, but we'll reiterate it here. A quiz 1-2 days after content review is a great way to confirm that you've indeed mastered a specific area of content. If you're still struggling based on your quiz results, go back to the sketches or your other resources and dive back into review!

With the addition of the Qbank, you've got quite a lot of extra practice at your fingertips. Make sure you're using the Qbank regularly and frequently in order to maximize your prep!

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