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What to do before your 515+ class starts
What to do before your 515+ class starts

You've signed up for an MCAT 515+ course but it doesn't start right away, what should you do?

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Congratulations on your purchase of Blueprint’s MCAT 515 course! Here’s some helpful information on what you can do before your first day of class.

  1. Make sure you’ve chosen the best class schedule given your MCAT test date. Ideally your class schedule will finish with a few weeks between the end of class and your test date to allow time for AAMC practice exams.

  2. Take your diagnostic. This will give you a realistic idea of what material you need to review based on where you are right now. It also unlocks your personalized practice Qbank.

  3. Review your diagnostic with your built in Lessons Learned Journal. Before your course starts, spend some time nailing down the content gaps you’ll need to devote some extra attention to.

  4. Activate your AAMC resources - we’ll be using these from day one in our workshop sessions so you’ll want to make sure you can access them.

  5. Begin to work on your learning modules. You can work ahead on upcoming modules so you’re as prepared as possible on day 1. This can also help to limit falling behind if things come up during your class. For now, focus this effort on core modules and not our new, advanced-content focused Nerding Out modules (the gradient modules with the dumbbell) and plan to revisit the Nerding Out materials after you’ve mastered the basics!

  6. Once you've identified some areas of weakness, check out our Office Hours! These live sessions will give you a chance to interact with our instructors and other learners, and to address content areas you find particularly stressful. You can add them to your study plan from the Live page.

  7. Join our Discord. This is a community of all Blueprint MCAT students. As it gets closer to the time of your class you’ll even have a class specific channel you can join!

  8. Take the pre-assessment quizzes in your recommended homework. We will cover the topics that are listed as “recommended” in class but by taking the pre-assessment quizzes you’ll have data on which parts of the topic are the most challenging to you and will prime your brain to learn those during the workshop sessions.

  9. Build in a Flashcard practice. Flashcards are a great tool to revisit information on a regular basis. The Blueprint flashcards have different modes which will allow you to tailor your flashcard review to where you are in your learning journey.

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