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How to incorporate AAMC resources with your Blueprint X Sketchy Bundle
How to incorporate AAMC resources with your Blueprint X Sketchy Bundle

How should I use my Sketchy Bundle with other resources?

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First off - let's go over what your bundle contains! You have: flashcards, exams, sketches, and a study plan that organizes them all. To learn more about how to use this bundle as-is, you can always refer back to our article on the subject.
You may also have additional resources you'd like to use with your bundle, and we know using the bundle in conjunction with AAMC resources is one of the most common use cases out there! So, how should you work those exams in to your plan? A few tips:

  • Sync your Blueprint study plan with your calendar, and plan out your additional AAMC exams in your calendar as well. This will give you a one-stop shop in your own calendar where you can see when you have both Blueprint and AAMC exams planned. It's best to make space for and plan out exams early, so, plan to knock this step out right now! That also leads into our next tip...

  • Plan to use the AAMC exams relatively close to your real MCAT! Exams from the AAMC are invaluable as practice, and you'll want to save those for when you're feeling most prepared and really needing to see score prediction. You should spread these out so they're no closer together than about 1 week apart, ideally, though at maximum you may take 2 exams/week in the few weeks before the MCAT. Use the AAMC tests for late stage practice and for score prediction.

  • Work the rest of the AAMC resources (that you have access to) into your plan as well! If you've gotten a lot of practice resources from the AAMC, you may have access to more than just practice tests. Whether it's the Section Banks, the Question Packs, the CARS Diagnostic, or another AAMC tool, work it into your schedule! These should fall earlier in your schedule than the full AAMC exams, and, you may want to space them so that you're getting regular test-like practice in between your exam practice. We recommend breaking up the different AAMC question sets into several small practice sessions - that way you're getting more frequent test-like practice and reinforcement.

  • Review thoroughly after each round of practice. This advice isn't just for Blueprint exams, it holds true for any MCAT practice you do. As part of reviewing AAMC items, you'll have the AAMC explanations and their analytics, as well as some Khan Academy videos they have integrated into their explanations. If you need more (and sometimes you will) - remember you've got Sketchy! You can read more about rearranging your study plan based on your exam results here.

Make sure to make use of all of the AAMC resources at your disposal, and don't plan to cram them into your last few weeks of prep.

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